Feasibility Study Translates to a $105M Investment

25 February 2021

Rio Tinto recently announced a $105M investment to modernize its harbour facilities in Port Alfred, Quebec. “Marine transportation is vital to our industry; modernizing docks is first and foremost an investment in safety,” said Martin Lavoie, Director of Operations at Rio Tinto’s Vaudreuil plant.

Rio Tinto’s Project Development and Studies office in Jonquière called on the Maritime Simulation and Resource Center (MSRC) to conduct the operational validation of the new infrastructures on its navigation simulator. In collaboration with the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots and Rio Tinto’s tug masters, several berthing and unberthing manoeuvres were carried out to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed new port infrastructure and to determine the safe and operational limits for manoeuvring vessels.

$105M investment

Feasibility Study Translates to a $105M Investment