The MSRC is one of the few centres in North America that offers four interactive bridges for ship-ship or tug-assisted manoeuvring exercises.

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Technical Overhaul and Maintenance of Simulators

The MSRC has concluded the most comprehensive agreement available for simulator system maintenance and software updates (Premium Customized Care of the Long Term System Support Program – LTSSP) with Kongsberg. Each year, the MSRC schedules a two-week technical shutdown to perform this maintenance and update.

The some sixty computers are replaced on a three-year cycle and, in addition to these technical maintenance activities, the MSRC invests in the purchase of new components or the replacement of existing components on an annual basis.

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Main Simulator

The Kongsberg multidisciplinary navigation simulator, one of the world’s most sophisticated simulators of its kind, is designed for:

  • Training
  • Practice
  • Skills development

It allows for very realistic simulations to be carried out, while taking into account elements that are equally relevant, such as:

  • Safety of navigation
  • Pilotage
  • Ship instrumentation
  • Ship handling in confined waters
  • Emergency situations

« Class A » (NAV) Certification

The Full Mission simulator can simulate a complete shipboard bridge operation situation, including the capability for advanced manoeuvring in confined waters.


  • Very realistic visual presentation with 330º in the horizontal plane and 25º in the vertical.
  • State-of-the-art bridge in terms of equipment and navigational instruments:
    • ARPA Radars;
    • ECDIS;
    • AIS target visualization.
  • Conventional propulsion or Azimuthing Podded Propulsion.
  • Wide selection of carrier ships with six degrees of freedom.
  • Recording of sessions for analysis and feedback.


This simulation bridge was specially designed to reproduce the physical environment of a tug. Its set-up, navigational instruments, vertical and horizontal field of view and cable controls are identical to the ones found on the bridge. It is used to perform escort and harbour tug exercises.


  • Features visual presentation with 200º in the horizontal plane and 40º in the vertical;
  • Can simulate conventional or Azimuthing Podded Propulsion vessels;
  • Models are directly affected by the movement and speed of the vessel being towed.

Two Bridges

These two bridges are fully instrumented. They are used for individual training or for interaction with the other bridges and can be configured to simulate conventionally-propelled vessels or vessels with Azimuthing Podded Propulsion.


  • Feature visual presentation with 200º in the horizontal plane and 25º in the vertical.
  • Equipped with Pilot Plugs for use with customized PPUs (Portable Pilot Units).
  • Offer visualization of AIS targets.


The MSRC understands the importance of creating an environment conducive to learning. The MSRC has specially adapted and equipped classrooms available to meet the specific needs of the centre’s activities.

Debriefing rooms

The MSRC has two debriefing rooms available. Both are equipped with video systems to review simulations for discussion and training purposes.

Research & Development

In order to allow several apprentices or advanced pilots to interact at the same time in the same sector, or to work individually on specific training sessions, the MSRC has three interactive table stations.

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