The MSRC Welcomes VIP Visitors

27 March 2020

As previously announced, the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) wants to promote the implementation of the new S-100 standards to provide mariners with access to additional information and greater versatility in the display of these data. What better platform than the 2020 CHC Conference to present an update regarding this ground-breaking collaborative project? We also took this opportunity to invite various national and international experts to the MSRC’s facilities to witness firsthand how the new S-100 standards can greatly improve navigational safety for all seafarers across the globe.

Back row, left to right: Jonathan Justi, Senior International Affairs Specialist, NOAA; Doug Brunt, Senior Advisor and IHO Liaison, CHS; Sunny Ahmed, Head of Partnering and Engagement UKHO; Louis Maltais, Director Hydrospatial Services and Support, CHS; Collin Seddon, Deputy National Hydrographer of the UKHO; David Dubé, CLSLP Pilot; Matt Borbash, Deputy Hydrographer of the US Navy; Claude Tremblay, Jesse Bédard, CLSLP Pilot

From left to right front row: Paul Racicot, Director of the MSRC; Geneviève Béchard, Hydrographer General of Canada, CHS; Mathias Jonas, Secretary-General of IHO; Rick Brennan, Chief Hydrographic Surveys Division, NOAA

The MSRC Welcomes VIP Visitors