Interview of the month: Paul Racicot – Director of MSRC

5 June 2017

The renown the MSRC has acquired over the years results from the strategic advantage it enjoys due to its resources’ experience and its navigation simulators’ high-level performance, which allow it to offer very specialized training and contribute actively to validating marine engineering projects.

The members of the MSRC training team, highly experienced instructors who are experts in simulation technology, are supported by the pilots of the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots (CLSLP), all of whom hold command certificates and have extensive navigation experience.

Both the MSRC’s trainers and pilots can rely on support from the organization’s geomatics specialists, who develop geographic data bases and ship models and are able to design and reproduce any port, waterway, navigating situation or infrastructure needed for customized training and project validation.

The MSRC’s services are internationally recognized and sought the world over. How do you explain this success?

Very few groups of professionals have decided to make as far-reaching private investments to found their own training centre as the 72 CLSLP pilots did in 2004 when they established the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre.

The MSRC has developed a series of very specialized training sessions that it offers to adapt to the realities of other groups of pilots who use its services.

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Interview of the month: Paul Racicot – Director of MSRC