The MSRC Provides Simulation Analysis for LNG Transits in the Saguenay River

4 April 2019

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada – April 3, 2019 The Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre (MSRC) is pleased to announce that it has played a key role for the Énergie Saguenay project, spearheaded by GNL Québec, for the construction of a natural gas liquefaction complex at Port Saguenay. The LNG complex will be installed on lands belonging to the Administration portuaire de Saguenay (Saguenay Port Authority), adjacent to the existing Grande-Anse port facilities.

The project includes liquefaction equipment, storage facilities, and marine shipping infrastructures, which is where the MSRC’s simulator comes into play. The purpose of the simulation analysis, which was carried out at the request of GNL Québec and Bechtel, is twofold: to scrutinize the dock design and to assess the transit requirements of the Saguenay River. The study helped determine how planned vessel movements can be conducted with safe manoeuvring.

“Although such vessels have never previously transited the Saguenay,” noted Paul Racicot, Director of the MSRC, “pilots from the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots (CLSLP) have many years of experience transiting large bulk carriers and cruise ships within the region and have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic environmental phenomena and physical constraints which factor into the overall vessel manoeuvring equation.”

“Simulation allows us to evaluate manoeuvres that will be carried out in this channel, specifically at the mouth of the Saguenay,” commented Énergie Saguenay’s Director of Environment Caroline Hardy. “This is extremely beneficial. Understanding the capabilities and abilities of LNG vessels in various current, tide and meteorological conditions were a key take-away from these simulations and makes our jobs safer and easier.”

“The working environment and state-of-the-art simulators combined with the pilots’ expertise were conducive to getting all the answers we were looking for,” said Chris Thomas, Senior Maritime Coastal Engineer at Bechtel.


GNL Québec is a Quebec-based project development, construction and operations company led by an experienced team, supported by major investors with international expertise in LNG development projects. Through an innovative facility, GNL Québec intends to meet the growing global energy demand by transforming, in Quebec, an affordable and environmentally responsible energy source. This will be achieved by collaborating with communities and our partners and leveraging Quebec’s unique expertise. Further information about the Project is available in the “Documentation” section of their website at


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The MSRC Provides Simulation Analysis for LNG Transits in the Saguenay River